Artist Statement

Everyone asks an artist…where do you come up with your ideas?  What inspires you?  Who are you?  From cave drawings to art installations, we are inspired by the world we live in, a magnificent and marvelous design, conceived by our Heavenly Father, the master artist of all eternity.

 Nothing and everything motivates an artist to pick up a pencil, charcoal, or paintbrush to express this compelling urge to interpret the visions in our eyes and minds in a two or three dimensional art form.  Landmasses, cloud formations, the bone structure of a familiar or not so familiar profile, challenge the imagination to perfect a composition.  The hue and tint of spring and fall foliage, the blues, greens and grays in oceans and rivers, the latest fad of clothing colors, a shell on the beach, the awesome reds, greens, oranges and yellows of peppers in a grocery store, drive the artist to squeeze the paint tubes and smear the pastels over hungry canvasses and wonderfully textured papers.

I am no different from any other artist….everything around me inspires me and when you ask me what is that shape and what does it mean?  I can truthfully answer, it is nothing, it is what I am compelled to do. 

Who am I?  I am a woman surrounded by family and friends.  I worship in church playing my violin.  I am encouraged and supported by a loving husband who is also my fishing pal.  I am blessed with mentors and teachers both spiritually and in art and music. 

I studied art in San Diego, have sold my paintings through interior designers, exhibitions and galleries.  I have illustrated two children’s books and co-owned a gallery in Sarasota, Florida.

Thank you for viewing my web page.
Linda Kasun

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